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Escape Books is an Independent Art-House Publisher and on-line Retailer of Graphic Novels. Original ideas expressed as Comics. We are based in London.

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10 December 2015

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Defining the Graphic Novel

The term “Graphic Novel” is largely misrepresented by many marketeers.

It has become a label for any hardback edition of a comic book, but it refers specifically to a complete work of original fiction told through comics in a long form.

Yet we see non-ficiton titles called graphic novels which are graphic documentary or graphic biography or graphic journalism or graphic history. This is incorrect.

All graphic novels are comics, but not all comics are graphic novels.

Not all illustrated novels are graphic novels.

A fine artist can declare a piece of work to be art simply because he or she declares it to be so.

However comics and graphic novels do not work like that.

Comics and Graphic Novels must obey the basic rules of structure and sequence and story telling or they remain illustrated books.

An illustrated book is not the same thing as a graphic novel.

A graphic novel without story is not a graphic novel, it is an illustrated book.

Narrative illustration in books are not comics unless they obey the rules of comics structure and sequence.

If a work of prose contains narrative illustrations, but the story is driven by the prose from the outset it is an illustrated book.

If a novel is driven from the outset by comics to tell the story but occasionally uses prose in its development then that is a graphic novel.

To us at Escape Books, Graphic Novels are a very specific type of comics storytelling in a long form, the story must be complete in each volume and be original, not an adaptation of something else.

Graphic Novels have a special way of expressing new ideas through the medium of comics—to tell stories in new ways. That is what novel means.



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