Theres No Time Like The Present a British Graphic Novel by Paul B Rainey

About Theres No Time Like The Present

This Moment has Been a Long Time Coming

A ‘Doctor Who’ devotee…

A collector of cult paraphernalia…

An excessive consumer of dairy products…

An agoraphobic who has never met his best friends…

Seemingly set in a world just like yours, this is the story of a group of friends and their relationships.

Except the world now has access to the ultranet and can, if it wants to, download music that hasn’t been written yet, movies that haven’t been filmed yet and even, if it’s not too careful, learn the exact date and time of its own demise.

In a world where time travel has at last been discovered, how is it that everyone’s life is more the same than ever before?


Paul B Rainey has enjoyed creating comics ever since he read ‘Planet of the Apes’ No.4 at the age of seven.

During the Eighties, his newspaper strip ‘Fly Guy’ ran in the ‘Milton Keynes Mirror’ and he edited the comics section of local music fanzine ‘The Spot’.

Since then, he has written, drawn and self-published many comics including ‘Memory Man’ and ‘Love Bomb’.

Since 2013 he has contributed ‘Fourteen Year-Old Stand-Up Comedian’ and other comics to ‘Viz’.

In 2014 his work was selected for ‘The Mammoth Book of Cult Comics’.

His debut graphic novel ‘There’s No Time Like The Present’ has taken seven years to complete.

When he is not creating comics, Paul lives and works in Milton Keynes, not far from Junction 14.

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Praise For There’s No Time Like The Present

Darryl Cunningham Author of Supercrash

“Paul B Rainey skilfully blends soap opera comedy with time-twisting cosmic shenanigans. It’s this mix of ordinary people dealing with the tribulations of their mundane lives while a fantastical narrative unwinds around them that makes his story so engaging.

Rainey has long been the undiscovered secret of British comics

with his clear artwork and ambitious storytelling.

It’s well past time this secret was out.”

Darryl Cunningham

(Author of Supercrash, Science Tales and Psychiatric Tales)

Al Ewing Author of Mighty Avengers and Dr Who

‘An examination of time travel and, well, time – everything from how the mortifying embarassments of youth fade into insignificance with the onset of old age to what happens in a culture where future history can be accessed on the internet with the same ease as the past. There’s No Time Like The Present is a staggering work of science fiction – of fiction, full stop – and deserves a place on everyone’s shelf.’

Al Ewing

(Writer of Doctor Who, Judge Dredd, Mighty Avengers)

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