Comic Book’s Plot Plays Out In The City

Comic Book’s Plot Plays Out In The City

Thank you to Sarah Lee for this piece about There’s No Time Like The Present in the Milton Keynes Citizen a weekly newspaper— with a photograph too! Published on Thursday 16 April 2015.

Comic Book’s Plot Plays out in the city

by Sarah Lee

Imagine a Milton Keynes where time travel is perfectly normal; where you can download films before they have even been made and find out, if your not too careful, the date and time of your death.

Thanks to the vivid imagination of author Paul B Rainey, this futuristic vision of MK is at the centre of his debut comic book, There’s No Time Like The Present.

“It’s about a group of friends with varying degrees of nerd tendencies. It’s set in what appears to be the real world, except that time travel exists,” he said.

Paul 47, of Willen, worked hard for seven years to bring his fantastic story set in MK onto the page. He began writing comics at the age of seven, after being inspired by Planet Of The Apes.

He has lived in the city for 33 years, and currently works on the IT helpdesk at the Open University.

He said: “They say that you should write what you know. So, when I need to move my characters around a house, for example, I’m likely to think of a house that I know in Milton Keynes rather than just make one up.

“It helps me to feel assured that I’m adding authenticity to the comic strip I am drawing and the story that I am telling.

“When I began drawing longer form comics 20 years ago, they required a broader cast and more thought put into the environment that they live in.

“I tended to find that I used Milton Keynes.

“In my new graphic novel many Milton Keynes landmarks appear including the centre:MK, the Peace Pagoda and local bus stops.

“Perhaps the most notable scene takes place outside of the railway station. I find it hard to imagine me drawing comic strips set elsewhere.”

Copies of the book can be bought from Waterstones MK, MK Gallery and Escape Books.

There’s No Time Like The Present is a new graphic novel published by Escape Books. The present and future Milton Keynes feature as the real and imaginary settings for the first time in a graphic novel.

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