The Cat That Hates Television!

The Return of Calculus Cat

“Woss Onna Telly?!”

Esteemed cartoonist and “National Treasure” Hunt Emerson, he of The Beano and Dante’s Inferno all at the same time, is over the month of June 2014 raising funds to publish for his new book Calculus Cat: Death To Television to be published in October 2014, if all goes well.

This is a great chance to show you the fantastic illustration of Calculus Cat on this psychedelic wraparound cover of Escape Magazine, issue 4, by Hunt Emerson (coloured with hand-made colour separations) by Peter Stanbury.

“Skweeky Weets

are Weetier

and Skweekier!”

As seen on TV

Calculus Cat lives a life of inane desperation. His “job” is hellish. Yet he runs through the streets sporting a wide Grin like a mask. The Public shout and throw rubbish at him yet he just grins back and hates them.

At home there is no respite. Calculus Cat’s life is locked in a nightly row with his TV set, his only “friend”, who bedevils him with ads for Skweeky Weets – the world’s sweetest loudest breakfast cereal. But Calculus Cat is having none of it—so it’s Death To Television.

His world is graphic, black and white, elasticated and weird.

In fact everything a Hunt Emerson comic should be!

As Hunt says on the Kickstarter mini movie:

“Knockabout want to publish a super de-luxe edition of Calculus Cat comics, reprinting the original collection and adding 20 new pages of comics, along with an introduction, a Calculus Cat Gallery – all sorts of hoohah! A real comic-book bumper treat!”

Put five-bob on a certainty by supporting a Great British Cartoonist in his endeavour.

“Please help us with the return of Calculus Cat!”

Who is Calculus Cat?
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