One Minute With Bryan Talbot

One Minute With Bryan Talbot

Bryan Talbot is the British creator of many graphic novels. Most recently the animal detective series, Grandville, and the graphic novel, Sally Heathcote: Suffragette, written by his wife, Mary Talbot, and illustrated by Bryan and Kate Charlesworth.

Teddy Jamieson, of the Herald Scotland newspaper, said: ” “There’s an argument to be made for saying that Bryan Talbot is the most important comic creator in Great Britain.”

Where are you now and what can you see?

If I look to my left, I’m looking out of the picture window of our 23rd floor suite over the city of Sydney. We’re in Australia for two days en route to New Caledonia. In around six days, we’ll be back in Oz to spend Xmas on Fraser Island. Do an image search – it’s a paradise!

What are you currently reading?

Shame by Salman Rushdie

Choose a favourite author and say why you admire her-him?

Crime novelist, Ian Rankin. He’s always a cracking good storyteller

Describe the room where you usually create comics

My studio is a big, ground-floor room with a bay window, where the drawing board is. A Victorian roll-top desk is along one wall. There’s a computer area and most of the walls are lined with book-filled shelves. The room is filled with all sorts of junk and piles of books. It looks like the bloody old-curiosity shop.

Which fictional character most resembles you?

Will Eisner used to say that he resembled Denny Colt, The Spirit, when he was young, but the older he got, the more he looked like Commissioner Dolan. I think I looked a little like Luther Arkwright, but am looking more like Harry Fairfax the older I get. The character I’ve always sympathised with most is Robert Graves’s Claudius.

Who is your hero-heroine from outside graphic novels and comics?

The British politician, Tony Benn

Bryan Talbot’s most recent graphic novel “Grandville Noel” is published by Jonathan Cape in the UK. 

The interview was conducted in December 2014.


Grandville Noel a graphic novel by Bryan Talbot

Grandville Noël is the latest in a series of detective adventures. In this Christmas, adventure Detective Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard investigates the disappearance of his housekeeper’s niece, Bunty Spall.

The trail leads to a growing religious cult, with a  unicorn messiah and his con men cronies about to crusade for the ethnic cleansing of the French Empire’s doughfaces – the derogatory nickname for humans used by the majority, animal-headed population.

LeBrock clashes with both cult fanatics and doughface terrorists, uncovering in the process a centuries-old religious conspiracy.

Can he rescue Bunty Spall? Will LeBrock be back in time for Christmas dinner?

Well you will just have to see for yourselves.



Bryan Talbot graphic novelistBryan Talbot is a British Graphic Novelist and artist.

Bryan lives in Sunderland in a large terraced house in the centre of the city by the park. When he is not creating comics he is …..thinking about them. He doesn’t really have any hobbies as such (especially since his French conversation classes stopped) but does watch a lot of movies, reads a lot (mainly when traveling) and is a pretty good cook.

Bryan Talbot is the prolific creator of many graphic novels: Brainstorm Comix, The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, Nemesis the Warlock, The Nazz, Legends of the Dark Night, The Tale of One Bad Rat, Sandman, Teknophage, Heart of Empire, The Dreaming, Fables, The Dead Boy Detectives, Alice in Sunderland, Metronome, The Naked Artist, Cherubs!, Grandville, Grandville Mon Amour, Grandville Bête Noire, Grandville Noël, Dotter of her Father’s Eyes, Sally Heathcote: Suffragette. As he puts it, “Among other things.”

His next project will be drawing Mary Talbot’s third book, while polishing the script for the fifth Grandville Volume. He has just written a movie script, and designed a strip of paving stones  230 metres long (a history of Sunderland) which is currently being sandblasted into granite for the city of Sunderland’s new central square.

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