One Minute With Gary Northfield

One Minute With Gary Northfield

Where are you now and what can you see?

Sitting in my studio. I can see my billions of books. I buy too many books. In fact my girlfriend has just told me off for buying too many books. She has a point.

What are you currently reading?

Judgment Day and Other Stories (The EC Comics Library) By Joe Orlando and others, from Fantagraphics.

I love these silly stories about weird planets and aliens and the artwork is beautiful.

I never thought I’d enjoy these EC books, but they’re a fantastic repository of luscious inking techniques.

Choose a favourite author and say why you admire her-him?

Mike Mignola – Both his writing and art are as sharp as diamonds with no flab.

Describe the room where you usually create comics

In my studio in Deptford, which I share with children’s book illustrators Sarah McIntyre and Elissa Elwick. It’s wall to wall reference books and comics, plus lots of little toys and bric a brac sat on shelves and various drawings and interesting pictures blu-tacked to the wall.

Which fictional character most resembles you?

Either Louis CK from the series Louie, or Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm. I’m not sure where reality blurs with fiction with either of those characters, but I definitely relate to their growing old in a frustrating world.

Who is your hero-heroine from outside graphic novels and comics?

When I was a teenager and into my twenties it was Rik Mayall. He informed much of my approach to comedy and in particular his childish mannerisms. His death really upset me and it depresses me to think that he’s not there anymore.

Gary Northfield’s graphic novel, The Terrible Tales of Teenytinysaurs, is published by Walker Books.


Terrible Tales of Teenytinysaurs by Gary NorthfieldThe Terrible Tales Of Teenytinysaurs! Comic-strip adventures for children.  Is it possible to fly to the moon in a bubble of snot? This question and more are explored in an hysterical and charming collection of comic strip adventures, following a teeny tiny gang of dinosaurs as they wind each other up and muddle through the myths and mysteries of prehistoric life.


Gary Northfield at the drawing board
Gary Northfield
is a children’s writer and cartoonist.

Gary lives in a nice little house with his girlfriend, mad dog and annoying cat, near some woods and a ruined Abbey. when he is not creating comics he’s admiring his new stamp collection that he’s just begun.

One day he hopes to buy a Penny Black for under a fiver on ebay.

He is the author of Derek the Sheep (Bloomsbury 2008), first published in The Beano (DC Thomson), The Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs (Walker 2013) and he has a collection of his comic strips from fab weekly comic The Phoenix being published in August called Gary’s Garden (David Fickling Books 2014). Next year will see his first fiction novel published called Julius Zeebra, all about a zebra gladiator in ancient Rome (Walker Books 2015). You can also find his work every month in National Geographic Kids.

Gary also has a blog called Stupid Monsters

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