One Minute With Gary Pleece

One Minute With Gary Pleece

Gary Pleece is the co-creator of The Great Unwashed.

Where are you now and what can you see? 

I’m on a little insignificant Island, being cut adrift from all civilisation and cultural richness and descending into angry, xenophobic panic. Doesn’t anyone remember the bloody Empire?

What are you currently reading?

Two things: The Rainbow Orchid by Garen Ewing  and Labyrinths by Jorge Luis Borges.

I gave up on Morrissey’s auto-biogra-wank after 10 pages.

Choose a favourite author and say why you admire her-him? 

In comics, Alan Moore I suppose, because he hates superheroes nearly as much as I do. I like it when he gets annoyed about his subject matter.

Outside of comics, James Kelman.

Describe the room where you usually create comics

It reminds me of my mind; disorganised chaos — the desk is adorned in glued pages from Velocity #1, the shelf above has lots of graphic novels, Munoz & Sampayo, Clowes, Sacco, Hergé, the other Pleece brother amongst others.

There’s a bike, lots of pictures of family, an X-box not put away, and enough shoes to fit an army.

Which fictional character most resembles you? 

Hector from Hector’s House.

Who is your hero-heroine from outside graphic novels and comics? 

I’ve always struggled with heroes, I’m hard to impress.

If I had to say people who have done things I’ve admired;

Nye Bevan, Shaun Ryder, The Suffragettes, Pat Nevin, José Munoz, and the Banana Splits.

Gary Pleece’s graphic novel, The Great Unwashed is published by Escape Books.


Gary Pleece is a British Graphic Novelist and writer.

Gary lives in Brighton, which he loves, and when he is not creating comics he ferries his vast family around in a rather large trailer and runs his own marketing agency, but he hates buzz speak, waxed chests and shiny loafers.

He is the author of Montague TerraceVelocity and The Great Unwashed, with Warren Pleece.

He has also worked for CrisisRoy of the Rovers and Deadline amongst others.

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