Paul B Rainey: Why I Love Comics!

Paul B Rainey: Why I Love Comics!

The Fart in the Room

“‘I like their dynamism and power and their subtlety and poetry.

I like how you usually start reading in the top left-hand corner and what happens next can spill out from there.

I like their rhythm.

I like how they seem to know how the passage of time is perceived by the reader and I like how some creators play with slowing it down and speeding it up.

I like how comics can present the purity of a single vision and the majesty of the third mind, often greater than the sum of its parts, when creators collaborate.

I like how physical comics, from the newspaper strip yellowing in a scrapbook to a doorstep-sized graphic novel that it hurts to lift, can be objects of beauty.

Comics aren’t unmade films or illustrated novels.

To me, comics are like my favourite music.

Comics are complex thoughts and emotions expressed directly to the heart and the brain and the bloodstream.

Comics are like dreams, untying tangled minds and equipping the reader for real life when they emerge.

Contrary to what you’ve been told, comics are the tool of the adequate and well-adjusted.

But mainly, I like how comics fart in the room when you border on being too pretentious.’

Regular Viz contributor Paul B Rainey has been making comics since the 1980s. If you haven’t bought his new graphic novel There’s No Time Like the Present (Escape Books, £18.99) we’re very disappointed in you.”

Thank you to Teddy Jamieson at the Herald Scotland for this on-line story from the series  Why I love Comics on his blog, Graphic Content, from Monday 4 May 2015.

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