This Moment Was A Long Time Coming

This Moment Was A Long Time Coming

Thank you to Richard Bruton for this in-depth review of the graphic novel “There’s No Time Like The Present” by Paul B Rainey on the Forbidden Planet International Blog

“The depiction of old people is rare in comics,

and even rarer to see a portrayal so genuine, honest, and real. 

— Richard Bruton

Here is an extract of the review:

“Yes, this moment was certainly a long time in coming. But it’s been well worth the wait, Paul Rainey’s graphic novel of beautifully observed characters in classic soap-opera style that perfectly incorporates some very inventive, very clever science-fiction ideas. It’s a kitchen sink time travel epic meander where the main protagonists are first pretty dislikeable sci-fi obsessives and later a group of rather boring, grumpy, obsessive old men. And just like me, you’ll grow to love them in this fabulously different graphic novel.

“It’s a book first conceived of many years ago, taking Rainey some seven years to complete, and seeing it get a well-deserved, and very lavish hardback collection from Escape Books is a very pleasing thing. Because make no mistake about it, There’s No Time Like The Present (hitherto shortened to TNTLTP) is a story deserving the wider audience this book should rightly give it.

“Structurally it’s a three-act thing, with the first act the most familiar, dealing as it does with a spot-on, very cutting pastiche of certain type of young/middle-aged male with a penchant for sci-fi, for collecting, for obsessive behaviour. You know the sort. Go to any convention with a set of minor sci-fi celebrities (2nd Stormtrooper to the left in Return Of The Jedi, the place guard in an episode of Game Of Thrones, someone elf-ish in one of the Lord Of The Rings films, that sort of thing) and you’re bound to find them.”


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