There’s No Time Like The Present


There’s No Time Like The Present by Paul B Rainey is seemingly set in a world just like yours, this is the story of a group of friends and their relationships.

Except the world now has access to the ultranet and can, if it wants to, download music that hasn’t been written yet, movies that haven’t been filmed yet and even, if it’s not too careful, learn the exact date and time of its own demise.

In a world where time travel has at last been discovered, how is it that everyone’s life is more the same than ever before?

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This is a Hardback Book | Colour Paper Jacket | A White Wibalin Cloth Case Printed with a Silver Design | Interior Pages Black and White and Gray |  Weight: 856 Grams | 360 Pages.

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Weight 856 g
Dimensions 240 x 175 x 30 mm