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The Great Unwashed

| Gary and Warren Pleece |

Where Dreams Blow Away with the Chip-Paper on the Wind

In the lowering gloom of a seedy British resort a poignant, scowling cast of lost souls long for a place to call home—and it looks like it’s about to rain.

About The Book

The Great Unwashed is a graphic novel anthology of graphic short stories all inter-linked by its setting in the out-of-season seaside resort of Brighton. Like Brighton, the stories are surrounded by the rolling vastness of the sea. 

It is an otherworld Brighton, where it is either raining or about to rain.

All the characters are somehow caught up in their own undoing. Doomed before they start, and the Pleece Brothers are laughing up their sleeves the whole time, as they make everything go horribly wrong.

The Pleece Brothers created these stories when they were young lads fresh out of Art College, fierce with the brio to make comics —counterbalanced by the ennui and sarcasm of the times—and in doing all this they make us laugh.

For twenty somethings they had a instinctive skill for telling stories with style.

What they have created is timeless fun dipped in pathos.

  • 256 Pages.
  • This is a Hardback Book
  • A Four-Colour Printed Paper Cover on the Case
  • Weight 652 Grams
  • Interior Pages Black and White and Gray
  • Only £18.99

About the Authors

Warren and Gary Pleece are brothers who live in Brighton, England. Not only in the place, but in their heads as well.

A life-long joy in creating comics, where Gary writes most of the stories, and Warren draws the pictures has continued to this day.

“Warren Pleece at his finest. It’s stuff like this that made me want to work with him in the first place.”

Ed Brubaker, creator of Criminal

“Vividly brilliant, some of the best works of indie-comics Britain. “

Warren Ellis, author of Trees

“Gary’s expertly sly dialogue and Warren’s sleazy line lurch from the same dubious alleyway, promising illicit delights that not even twenty Silk Cut and a bottle of Buckfast can match.

Nobody does it better than these two.

Right, there you go lads — that’ll be a pint”

Garth Ennis, creator of Preacher

“Their stories are splashed across eras,

yet all feature someone dissatisfied with their lot.

Be it a pirate trapped in the clichés of his trade,

or an old man sitting on a train regretting the turning point of his life.

The sheer variety of topics and characters is a prescription for experiencing life beyond the computer and drawing board.”

Frank Plowright, 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die

“If it’s The Pleece Brothers versus the world, then the brothers are victorious.
“Theirs is a world at once familiar and feverishly surreal, coolly contemporary and painstakingly historical,

indie in spirit and soundtrack but mainstream in reach.
The ink flows so languidly and economically across the page, the dialogue, spare and pithy, takes constant liberties with the way people speak. . .
and the sly, metatextual jokes come thick and fast.
To whit: ‘Several frames of inconsequentiality pass.’
They must be joking.
There’s a lot of love in the room and inclement weather on the horizon.

Long may Warren and Gary rain.”

Andrew Collins, writer, broadcaster and Films Editor for the Radio Times

“This is a collection of classic alternative comic strips, professionally inked that make subtle statements over the state of our unwashed times.”

Dicky Graham at comicsbubble blog

“On the surface, Warren’s bold, confident, noirish art caught the eye at once. But then, the way a fine beer leaves a pleasing finish on the palate, the sly wit and satirical edge of the stories made the brothers a creative team whose work I’d always seek out.”

Tom Murphy at Full-Page Bleed blog

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