Time travelling with Paul B Rainey

Time travelling with Paul B Rainey

Many thanks to Teddy Jamieson at the Herald Scotland for this review on line in “Graphic Content: five things to do this week”  about Paul B Rainey’s There’s No Time Like The Present.

“Time travelling with Paul B Rainey

It has taken cartoonist and Viz contributor Paul B Rainey seven years to complete his graphic novel There’s No Time Like the Present (Escape Books, £18.99), but it’s been worth the wait. What begins as a very British satire on comics geekery (the great advantage of time travel, it turns out, is you can get future episodes of Doctor Who. Emmerdale too, if you really want), becomes a moving essay on ageing before spinning off again onto another tangent as we encounter a post-death universe.

Rainey’s cartooning is the opposite of flashy but its simplicity grounds the story. The result is a quiet, bittersweet pleasure.”

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