On Reading There’s No Time Like the Present

On Reading There’s No Time Like the Present

Paul B Rainey and the Escape Books Team are very grateful to Rich Johnston for this in-depth review of the graphic novel “There’s No Time Like The Present” by Paul B Rainey on BleedingCool.com

“It took him seven years to finish, it took me seven hours,

but every second was well spent, for both of us.” 

— Rich Johnston

Here is an extract of the review:

“Right, you can go to naughty places and watch the pilot episode of Supergirl, airing in the autumn. You can watch two episodes of Jonathan Strange And Mister Norrell which won’t air in the US until the summer. And I’ve read the scripts to Lucifer, Fear The Walking Dead, Scream The TV Show and Preacher.

“It’s all thanks to the internet. But nothing much has changed as a result of this. A few people might get cross about spoilers, but only if they go on places where spoilers may occur. I have friends who enjoy Doctor Who without having a clue as to what might be coming next because they’ve never read the kind of newspaper, website or social media feed that might tell them.

“Which is why the world first shown to us in No Time Like The Present, the graphic novel by Paul Rainey, now out in a big fat hardcover, is immediately recognisable. The emergence of the ultranet has meant that people can look up and download stuff from the future. Some do, some don’t. And here, in Milton Keynes, a group of geeks are caught in that dilemma, while dealing with everything else that is going on in their lives.”


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