Top 10 Graphic Novels: 26 May 2014

Top 10 Graphic Novels

On 26 May 2014

Congratulations to Isabel Greenberg on The Encyclopedia of Early Earth. Number one on our top ten of the most popular graphic novels today on Amazon UK this Spring Holiday Weekend.

  1. The Encyclopedia of Early Earth | Isabel Greenberg (Jonathan Cape)
  2. Andre the Giant | Box Brown (First Second)
  3. V For Vendetta | Alan Moore and David Lloyd (DC Comics)
  4. From Hell |  Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell (Knockabout Comics)
  5. The Complete Maus | art spiegelman (Penguin)
  6. Beautiful Creatures: The Manga | Kami Garcia,Margaret Stohl,Cassandra Jean.  (Yen Press)
  7. To End All Wars : The Graphic Anthology of The Great War | Jonathon Clode, John Stuart Clark (Soaring Penguin Press)
  8. Watchmen | Alan Moore asnd Dave Gibbons ( DC Comics)
  9. Persepolis | Marjane Satrapi (Jonathan Cape)
  10. Twisted Dark, Volume One | Neil Gibson (T Publications)

The writer’s name or names are shown first and then the comics illustrator’s name is shown second. The publisher’s name is in bracketes. The search was done on 28 May 2014 at 17:00hrs.


The search is filtered by popularity by sales, for the words “Graphic Novels”.

It is not taken from the Bestsellers listing for Comics & Graphic Novels.

Not only does a search for “graphic novels” generate a listing of every sort of comic book, but also includes illustrated childrens’ books, and sometimes porn, (although we did not see any this week), and tie-in box-sets.

The Top 10 includes original graphic novels, or original graphic short-story anthology. The story must complete in one volume.

It accurately shows the sales position in the listing at the time of the search.

The Top 10 does not include adaptations, film tie-ins, spin offs or part works.

Do you think we have let something off the list that should be included?

Is something on the list that is not an original graphic novel or anthology?

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